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USB Long Range 150FT Extension Cable Adapter CAT5e VAD-1120 RJ45

Cat5 Active Repeater
USB CAT5 Active Repeater for Up to 150ft Extend your USB peripherals up to 150ft using regular CAT5/5e/6 RJ45 cable.
This repeater cable has built-in buffer & actively regenerates the signals to preserve data integrity. Includes transmitter and receiver modules.
(Connectors: Transmitter with Built-in 1ft USB Cable - USB A Male to RJ45 Female; Receiver - USB A Female to RJ45 Female) Interconnect Cable Length: Up to 150 (45.75) Feet (Meter)
Embedded USB Transceivers at both ends to prevent signal loss.
Many USB devices will work with cable lengths up to 200 feet. However, this is not guaranteed and each device must be tested separately for proper operation if the interconnect cable length exceeds 150 feet. Also, with interconnect cable lengths longer then 150 feet, no intermediate hubs are allowed

Equivalent Hub Delays:
50 Foot Unit 1.5
100 Foot Unit 3.0
150 Foot Unit 5.0
Hubs The maximum number of series Hubs in any USB connection is five (5). This includes any standard USB Hubs in the connection, and the equivalent Hub rating of any Active USB Cable.
Technocal Information;
Supply Current Drawn: 20.0 mA Typical operating current @40C. The repeater does not support the USB 500 uA Maximum Suspend Current limit. If this is a requirement then an external power supply must be used.
The supply must power the Base unit in this case
Operating Temperature Range: 0 - +40 C
Storage Temperature Range: -40 - +85 C
USB Transceiver Specification Meets USB Specifications Downstream Connector Female Type A USB Approved Connector
Upstream Connector Male Type A USB Approved Connector
Base To Host Cable Length 1 (0.3) Feet (Meter)
Regulatory Testing FCC Class B
Interconnect Cable Standard Cat 5/5e/6 Network Cable, 4 twisted wire pairs, # 24 AWG wire.
Part 02750 for 50ft
Part 02799 for 100ft
Part 02801 for 150ft
Part # 70553
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Very Nice USB Long Range 150FT Extension Cable Adapter CAT5e VAD-1120 RJ45 Quickly Setup in a Jiffy in the System.