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GoldX Digital Audio High Performance Digital 6 ft Cable NEW 24K

Digital Audio Connection.
RCA Gold Plated Connectors
Includes RG-59 75 Ohm Low Impedance Cable
Cable from COAX to SPDIF Connector on Sound Controller. to COAX SPDIF Connector on Equipment.
Coax - Digital Audio Connection.

Analog Audio Connection.
Example use for Analog Usage to Sub Woofers.
RCA Cables (Low-Level Connection): Most common for powered subwoofers, these are single or dual RCA cables that connect to the line-level (LFE or sub out) output on the amplifier or AV receiver and the line-level input on the subwoofer. Dual RCA cables are often used for stereo inputs, but for a subwoofer, a single RCA cable is usually sufficient because low-frequency effects (LFE) are mono.
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Technical Drawing for Part 05030
Adapter was just what i need for my Video Application. Glad I found PCCables.com