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PCMCIA Card Cable M041 4PIN Cable for Laptop 4P Modem

PCMCIA Laptop Modem Cables
6FT in Length
Standard 4 Pin Cable Most Common
Compatible with:
Buy SKU: 10316370
ATEK: PCCA-M-04-01
Ours Costs Less than both of the Above.

3Com/Megahertz/US Robotics: 1626, 1336, 3013, 3CCEM556B, 3CCEM556BC, 3CCEM556BT, 3CCEM556C, 3CCEM556T, 3CCM156, 3CCM156B, 3CCM356, 3CCM556, 3CCM556T/C, 3CXEM556B, 3CXEM556C, 3CXEM556BT, 3CXEM556BC, CC1288, CC1336, CC1560, CC1560i, CC2560, CC4288, CC4336, CC5560, CC6144, CC6288, CCEM3288C, CCEM3288T, CCEM3336C, CCEM3336T, EM1144T, Sportster 14.4, Sportster 1626, Sportster 1336, 3CCM656, 3CCM756
Actiontec: BFM3360-CF, BFM5600-CF,BFM5600-LM BFM5600LF2, BFM5602-LF, FM144D,
FM288C, FM288LK FM288T, FM288XT, FM336C (4 contact only), FM336C-KF, FM336R-KF,
FM336LK, FM336SK, FM336T, FM336XT, FM5600L, FM560LK, FM560RK, FM560SK,
FM566C-KF, FM56C-BF/CF, FM56CNF, FM56KLF, FM56RBF, KFM5600C, KFM5600L,
KFM5603, MD14400, MD14401, MD14402, MD28801, MD28802, MD33601, MD33602, MD56002
Ambicom: AMB8802
Apache: A56PCM-A, A56PCM-C, V34PCM-A, V34PCM-C
Compex: LinkPort Comm56
Compaq: Microcom 420, 189661-001, 187145-001, 187136-001, 168932-001, 189662-002, 192/288, 33.6 Modem, Microcom 420, Series 565
Creative Research & Products: 2855
Diamond Mulitmedia: 56K MLFFM56C
EigerCom: 28.8/33.6/56K, FM144D, FM336XT, FM560LK
Hawking Technology: 610X2
I/O Magic: C56K
KingMax: 28.8/33.6/56k, FM3363C-KF, KFM5600C, KFM5600L, KFM5603
Magic Ram: 33.6m 56K
MaxTech: NetPacer 288A/336R/PCM56C
Motorola: 56K Global Modem
New Media Corporation: 14.4 WinSurfer, 14.4-28.8-33.6 NetSurfer
Phoede Micro: KFM5600L, BFM5600-CF
Piiceon: 56K
Premax: FM336XT
Simple Technology: 56K Communicator
Svec: FM560SK, MD56002
TDK: Networker 3410, 5620CE, 5630CE, Global Freedom 5660, Cell Companion
Viking: All 4 Pin Units, 28.8 V.34
Wisecom: 56K
Xircom: CBM56WG
Zoltrix: 33602 SM336SK
Zoom: 56k modem-4Contact

Replacement for OEM cables:

3Com/Megahertz/USR: AC-820, AC901
Actiontec: 0310-0013-000
Apache: 0310-0013
Apex Data: 930-07
Atek: PCCA-M-04-1
Compaq: 187145-001
Dell: 56809
Kingmax: AC820
Maxtech: PCM288A
New Media: NMC01006
Piiceon: 404-5016
Premax: 0310-0013
TDK: 1000242-01, AAA0026, P1000226
Viking: 0310-0013
Zoltrix: 0310-0013
Zoom: 22021

The Above list will change as new modems are added.
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Got the PCMCIA Card Cable M041 4PIN Cable for Laptop 4P Modem from PCCABLES.COM and am Super Happy with the Speed it was Shipped and the Quality. Will be back for more.